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Thank you for taking the time to visit us. Every time you grace us with your presence, it is a gift. We understand the importance of your hair and will go to whatever length is necessary to help you feel as beautiful as you should.




Salon Tips from the Hair Pros

Must do Tips:

1. Brush all the way up to the root!

Don’t worry these are soooo durable, and keeping them untangled

is key for a healthy grow out.

Don’t obviously be rough with them, but make sure you get all the knots out :)


2. Use conditioner only on the ends

Getting conditioner on the beads can cause them to slip.

You also run the risk of build up on the base of the weft.

The general rule is: shampoo for the scalp and conditioner for the ends.


3. Avoid high ponytails or buns, especially on the first week.

This might cause uncomfortable tension on your scalp and could traumatize the follicle and shed the hair.

Avoid high buns and ponytails altogether and go for lower ones. Braids work awesome too!



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